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Can you believe it's been over 3 years of keeping the 80's alive for you? Way back in 2008, Tee and I purchased our first full sim from Linden Lab and started building our dream club. If we knew then what we know now... well, we would have done it even sooner. Apparently we knew what we were doing, identifying the lack of a pure 80's nightclub in Second Life, and taking the plunge to fill the need. Since then, we have made quite an impression on SL... we are consistently being recognized as THE place to be in SL for a truly authentic 80's nightclub experience!!!

Over 114,000 great people like you have come through our door, and hardly a night goes by without us welcoming 80 to 90 people, ready to party! It's a great mix of people who have supported us from day 1, and several new friends every night as well. The word's out... the pretenders are falling by the wayside, because they just don't stack up to the true SL 80's experience you will find ONLY at St. Ivan's Infirmary!

I heard from so many people that "it's so hard opening a nightclub in SL". Not the case here... from day one, we've been a success. What do we owe that success to? It's simple... treat each and every person who walks through the door like your best friend, and make sure that they feel like they are part of the conversation. When you walk through the door at St. Ivan's Infirmary, be prepared to be warmly welcomed by everyone in the building, and expect to have made several new friends by the time you leave!

Tee and I pledge to continually improve the club and address any problems that might come up immediately, so you can always feel comfortable coming in, jumping on the dance balls, and feel like you are at a party with 30 of your best friends, dancing to the best 80's club dance music in SL. 'Cause when it comes down to it, that is what it's all about, right?

Support us? Please do... by coming in and enjoying yourself. That's all we ask of you. This is on OUR dime, people... we will NEVER ask you to support us financially. Friends don't do that. Period. Tee and I do this because we love it, and because we love our friends... not because we expect to make money on it or even break even.

Contests? Theme nights? We don't need to do 'em... we seem to be rather unique in SL in that we don't have to bribe people to come in! Why? Because the word is out that we are the place to be! Heck, the other clubs run contests and theme nights to try to get people out of our club and into theirs! It's all about good times, great music played by professional DJs, and great people... and that is what our Loyalty Club members are... our best friends! The music never stops, and neither does the conversation!

At St. Ivan's Infirmary, we showcase the best dance music in SL! With the best professional DJ teams in SL (Ivan and Tee, Norkight and Star, Scott and Windy, 808, Allan and Salena, Conny and Troy, Dakota, and Vox) you can rest assured that your nights will be filled with memories of the best party decade of all time... the 80's.

You can expect all the same great 80's club dance music and comic repartee that Tee and myself have built our reputation on... I spin the tunes, talk WAY too fast and too much over the mic, and flirt outrageously with all the pretty ladies, while Tee is there with me to keep the conversation and atmosphere beautiful, happy, and silly, while trying to keep me in line! All we need to make it perfect is for YOU to join us and become part of the family!

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