Not the biggest... just the best club for 80's music, dancing, and fun in Second Life!
St. Ivan's Infirmary
First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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If you've been checking out the best DJs in Second Life, you already know me... I am Ivan Boomhauer, professional DJ and performer. In RL, I spent most of the 1980's doing professional voiceover work, as a nightclub and radio DJ, playing in several bands, as a solo act, and managing a few of the most successful nightclubs of the 80's.

My fans had been asking me for months when I was going to open my own nightclub in SL. So, with my gorgeous partner TeeDee Devin, in Octover of 2008 I purchased a full 65536 m2, 15000 prim estate sim directly from Linden Lab (no laggy rental or openspace land, and none of the limitations of Linden mainland!), and the first thing we built on the our new, privately owned estate "Teeland" was the newest, friendliest 80's nightclub in SL: "St. Ivan's Infirmary"!

St. Ivan's Infirmary is patterned after a couple of nightclubs that I managed in RL back in the 1980's. To paraphrase a quote from "Cheers", the goal is to provide a setting where "everyone knows everyone's name"... it's not the biggest, or the flashiest, but I personally guarantee that it is the most fun!!! You will be dancing to the best in 80's club dance music played 24/7/365 from our private Shoutcast stream... no Internet radio, no commercials, no dead air between songs!

Our friends know that they can come into St. Ivan's any night and expect to hear the same great 80's music played on request by one of our professional DJ teams. It's not like other clubs, where you never know what to expect (one night might be Internet radio, while another is disco night, and another is 70's classic rock, and another is a live performer singing current songs... you get my drift). We are all 80's, all the time! Not that it's predictable... with a library of over 8000 songs to choose from, we take pride in ensuring that you don't hear the same songs over and over.

Keep checking back for updates, pictures, and more! We hope to see YOU soon!

St. Ivan's Infirmary... First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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