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St. Ivan's Infirmary
First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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St. Ivan's Infirmary is located on the beautiful tropical island of Teeland, contained within the Teeland estate and bordered by the Isle of Tee to the west, and the Isle of Macy and the Western Anteeles to the south.

Consisting of 4 private regions consisting solely of quiet residental islands, the Teeland estate offers a gorgeous, peaceful tropical setting with breathtaking ocean views. Because we don't allow any commercial development, you'll experience a relaxing, lag-free visit. In addition to St. Ivan's Infirmary, you can also enjoy

  • "TeeDee's Playground" consisting of water slides, swings, and other park rides for those times when you just need to feel like you are 7 again, and
  • "TeeDee's Prayer Island", an introspective, quiet island where you can relax, contemplate, and reflect amidst the lush tropical foliage.
If you're looking to purchase land for your home, we offer your choice of either 1/4 sim homestead islands or exclusive double prim waterfront parcels ranging from 1536 m2 and up. In both cases, a hallmark of Teeland living is the fact that we have no shared property lines... each parcel is bounded by 16 meters of "community" park land on three sides, and a beautiful ocean view on the fourth. Relax in peace knowing that your neighbor can't build right up to your property line! Come back often... we love having visitors!

TeeDee and I would love to hear from you!, Click the teleport link below, or click the interactive Google map at the left to visit us! Or, email me at . We want YOU to become part of the St. Ivan's Infirmary family!

St. Ivan's Infirmary... First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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