Not the biggest... just the best club for 80's music, dancing, and fun in Second Life!
St. Ivan's Infirmary
First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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Meet the St. Ivan's Infirmary crew! In our quest to provide you with the best 80's music in SL every night of the week, we now feature EIGHT professional DJ teams to fill your evenings with the music you crave!

TeeDee and I are blessed with some very special friends... friends who have always supported us, and are like family to us. We've given these lovely ladies the title of "St. Ivan's Medic" (or, the male equivalent: "St. Ivan's Corpsman"). Though technically not "staff", these ladies and gents are available to help you enjoy your experience at the Infirmary... they welcome you to the club, answer questions about the club, and just might invite you into the Loyalty Club if they feel that you would be a good addition. And they occasionally like to take over... even if Tee and I aren't inworld, Jessie, Macy, Victoria, Kitt, Ashleigh, MACY, Cora, Ace, Lucki, SaraRae, AnneMarit, Coyote, Alyria, Ana, and Meycy are likely to just go ahead without us, sending out a group notice and letting you know that they are starting their own 80's party!

Oh, and they pick on me incessantly. Well, if I am going to take that kind of abuse, I can't think of anyone I'd rather take it from!!!

Our crew is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and keep you in stitches all night long!
Click on the pictures to get a closeup personal view of our crew!

Ivan Boomhauer TeeDee Devin Norkight Parx MNSNSTAR Wobbit Scott730 Criss Windy Parnall
808 Pyrithea Conny Sandalwood Vox Mullen Jessie Chapman Macy Carver Victoria Oanomochi
Kitt Avril Ashleigh Willis MACY Ametza Ace Sloane Lucki Schridde SaraRae Langer
AnneMarit Jarvinen Coyote Frostbite Alyria Jules Ana Ixtar Meycy Bailey Mandy

We hope to see YOU soon!

St. Ivan's Infirmary... First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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