Not the biggest... just the best club for 80's music, dancing, and fun in Second Life!
St. Ivan's Infirmary
First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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It's coming up on almost two years now since TeeDee and I opened up St. Ivan's Infirmary (a lifetime in SL ). We are no longer the new kids on the block... we've gone from a (albeit very successful) startup to one of the venerable "oldtimers" as far as a presence in SL... and it just keeps getting better! Our Loyalty Club keeps getting bigger... every night brings new faces, and I never get tired of hearing the same phrases from our new friends: "Wow, this place is so different from the other SL clubs! We just found our new home!". And I have to believe we have one of the highest retention rates relating to group membership... once we welcome a new group member to the family, they keep coming back!

When you are invited to become a Loyalty Club member, it shows TeeDee's and my belief that you are a fun person to be around. The Loyalty Club membership is not "open"... it's by invitation only, for a very good reason. We want to make sure that it's not just the music we are known for, but also the atmosphere... and there is no better atmosphere than walking into our club and being welcomed by 30 of your friends. Our club is filled with good music and good conversation... not silence, and not a bunch of avatars competing to see who can take over the chat with their "OMG TUUUNAGE" gestures. You don't get bombarded with notecards, landmarks, and group invitations the second you walk through the door. It's a quality atmosphere... and you Loyalty Club members make it that way!

St. Ivan's Infirmary... First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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