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One of the reasons that we've been so successful, why we've cemented our place as "the home of the 80's in Second Life", is that we've made a point of making sure that ALL the great dance music of the 80's is represented in our offerings.

You know how it is... every one of you has a radio station in town that does the "Retro Weekend" or "All 80's Lunch Hour", or whatever. So you tune it in, and what do you hear? That's right... the same 20 to 40 songs, over and over and over. We've all been there, those of us who reached adulthood in the 80's... and we say to ourselves "O M G... if I hear 'I Love Rock and Roll', or 'Celebration', or 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' one more time, I'm going to lose my 80's lunch!"

What made the 80's so great was the sheer variety of music that was brought to the masses. A huge part of it was brought on by MTV (remember when they actually played music videos?). MTV opened up our eyes and ears to music we would never hear on our local Top 40 radio stations. Sure, everyone played Madonna, and Huey Lewis, and AC/DC, and Michael Jackson... but there was SO much more to 80's music than the big names, and that's how we are able to recreate the 80's for you at St. Ivan's Infirmary. We take it upon ourselves to make sure that for every overplayed, done to death song you hear, you hear a few that make you think "WOW! I remember this song! I loved it at the time, but I haven't heard it in years!"

What makes this possible? It's because our DJ staff was actually there... Norkight, Scott, and I were doing this back then. We played the 80's for people like you in RL, and we remember it like it was yesterday. And we know you will too...

The music you dance to at St. Ivan's Infirmary may span several genres, but it all shares one common trait: if you were dancing in RL nightclubs in the 80's, you likely heard every song we play at some point. You may not remember them until you hear them, but once you do, you'll experience that moment of "I remember the first time I heard this, and I remember where I was, and who I was with, and what I was doing..."

That's the St. Ivan's Infirmary difference. We don't discriminate. If it was popular in dance clubs in the 80's, we play it. So whether you were a fan of the:

  • mainstream popfunk of Janet Jackson, Jody Watley, Wa Wa Nee, Prince, and Blondie
  • upbeat synthpop of Erasure, Bronski Beat, Howard Jones, OMD, and Human League
  • pre and postpunk power pop of the Romantics, Scandal, Adam Ant, the Clash, Kim Wilde, and Bow Wow Wow
  • alt rock and neo-Goth stylings of The Cure, The Smiths, Love and Rockets, and the Cult
  • harder edged synthwave of New Order, Depeche Mode, Dead Or Alive, The Art of Noise, and Blancmange
  • ska and reggae stylings of Madness, the English Beat, Bad Manners, and the Specials
  • straight ahead mainstream rock of The Black Crowes, The Hooters, Bon Jovi, Eddie Money, and Pat Benatar
  • hair bands like Poison, Warrant, Cinderella, Autograph, and Motley Crue
  • straight-out funk of George Clinton, Rick James, The Bar-Kays, Whodini, Cameo, and the Gap Band
  • New Romantic style of Spandau Ballet, the Style Council, ABC, and Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music
  • Offshore world newwave rock of Midnight Oil, INXS, Duran Duran, Split Enz, and Icicle Works
  • and of course the odd Weird Al Yankovic song... 'cause someone's gotta do it
you'll find that your tastes will be represented at our little club. And for every artist you see represented above, we play music from 10 more just like them. Why? Because we are the home of the 80's in Second Life. And that means all of the music... not just the 30 or 40 "retro hits" everyone else passes off as 80's music.

Of course, if you REALLY need to hear "I Love Rock and Roll" or "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" for the 20th time today, we'll play it for you. Because that's what we're here for... to give you the music you want to hear. Spend a couple hours with us, though, and you'll be surprised at how many other songs you'll want to hear too.

St. Ivan's Infirmary... First Aid for your Second Life drama!
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