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BRRRR!!! | The Openspace/Homestead issue, as it relates to SL nightclubs |
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Filed: Thursday, December 10, 2009 at 2:41:31 PM
Filed Under: Building in SL
Sorry, that's a RL sentiment. In beautiful tropical Teeland, it's always 75 F (24 C for our friends up north). However, in beautiful Appleton, Wisconsin, it's currently 7 F (I don't even want to think about what that translates to). Tee and I are back at the office today after spending yesterday (Wednesday) digging out from the 14 inches of snow that got dumped on us. Good thing I listened to her and went out to get our new snowblower on Tuesday morning, before the storm, instead of waiting till Wednesday morning like everyone else did... there isn't a snowblower to be found today at any of the big box stores.

Anyway, Tee and I didn't make it into SL last night (Wednesday) but we had a great night on Tuesday, welcoming 83 of our friends to the home of the 80's in Second Life. Aided by our lovely Medics Ashleigh, Cora, Lucki, SaraRae, Jessie, Star, and Kitt, we kept everyone warm and dry dancing up a storm to the best 80's club dance music in SL, and there was never a dull moment!

Wednesday night, Windy and Scott started us off at 5PM SLT, and took us to the 7PM SLT point, where Norkight and Star took over and finished out the night. A banner night, just missing the century plateau with 97 of the most fun people in SL making the Infirmary their party home.

Oh, and I have to share this from our Medic Ashleigh, with an explanation to follow:
"Comments i heard earlier when we were dancin to the autopilot..."

[2009-12-08 17:46:15] CG: this is the only place i've seen people hang around and dance to the stream

[2009-12-08 17:46:42] LS: I'd rather listen to the stream here... than the music in most of the other clubs
To elaborate, we have a luxury that most of the other SL clubs don't have in that (a) we have our own Shoutcast server, instead of renting a stream from one of the Shoutcast providers, and (b) the "autopilot", which is the stream you hear when we don't have a live DJ, is actually our private "Internet radio station", residing on a dedicated server in our office. It plays from our library of 80's music according to a fairly elaborate "clockwheel" rotation that I set up in a similar fashion to the rotations we used to use at the RL radio stations I worked at. What it means is that, unlike the other clubs that just stream one of the freebie Internet radio stations like or (complete with commercials and news breaks), the music you hear at the Infirmary is exactly the same when we don't have a live DJ. It's still the most extensive library, without the repetition, and it's exclusive to St. Ivan's Infirmary. It's there 22 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the only thing it's missing is my babble. I'm heartened to hear that people enjoy it.

Tee and I will be in tonight (Thursday) at 7PM SLT, ready to cure what ails you with another couple hours of silliness and that great 80's music played per your request. We'll save a spot for you!

Filed: Monday, November 17, 2008 at 6:31:03 PM
Filed Under: Building in SL
The Openspace/Homestead issue, as it relates to SL nightclubs
If you haven't heard, SL is reorganizing and recategorizing the different levels of estate sims. Personally, I think it's a good thing.

I have conversed with Jack and Katt Linden via the SL forum, and I agree 100% with what they are doing with the openspace/homestead/full sim tiering. It returns SL to what it was intended to be... keeping the commercial ventures (and nightclubs, which is obviously where my interest lies) on full sims where they belong, and keeping private residences on land intended for private residences (the new homestead sims).

From a technical standpoint, a nightclub is an incredible drain on a sim, much more so than a store or other commercial venture, because of:

  • The sheer number of avatars (a succesful nightclub will bring upwards of 20 avs to a sim)

  • The number of attachments each av brings (as an example, some of the better quality hair can consist of over 500 prims). The actual prim limit on a sim is approximately twice the posted limit, which allows for these attachments... but a large number concentrated in a small space will tax a server heavily.

  • The large number of scripts that are typically running in a nightclub... each script has a resource cost, and when you start adding up all the dance poles, dance balls, pose balls, rotating pictures, etc. in the club itself, in addition to the sexy walks, HUDs, and chims that the avs bring in... it's not uncommon to have over 500 scripts running just in the club itself.

  • The large number of prims in the building of the club itself.

From the SL blog, here are the new limits, etc. that will be going into effect on January 5, 2008...

OPENSPACE: 750 prims, 10 avs max, no events allowed, no classifieds allowed. $75 USD per month.
HOMESTEAD: 3750 prims, 20 avs max, no events allowed, classifieds allowed. $125 USD per month.
FULL SIM: 15000 prims, 100 avs max, events allowed, classifieds allowed. $295 USD per month.

These will be hard limits, not variable by the estate owner as I understand it. What it basically means to a nightclub owner is that unless you are willing to limit your nightclub to 20 avs or less (pretty small) and not be able to post events, you will need to be on a full sim... not an openspace, and not even a homestead. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Even on a homestead, you will run up against av limits of less than 20, unless you have the whole sim dedicated to your club, and the estate owner doesn't have any other renters. Plus, you won't be able to have events... which is a killer for those clubs who have live performers, since they usually insist (and owe their success to) live performance events listed in the SL event list.

I anticipated this a couple of months ago after doing quite a bit of research, which is why I made the decision to purchase Teeland as a full sim. I had considered an openspace, but I would not open a club unless I was completely in control of what I could and could not do (within the LL TOS of course) and it definitely looks like I made the correct, proactive decision. Our club would not run smoothly on anything less than a full sim.

So, expect to see a lot of SL nightclubs either moving to full sims, or disappearing entirely, at the beginning of January. As I said, it is a good thing... it returns SL to what it was intended to be.

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