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Time to move on! |
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Filed: Friday, October 03, 2008 at 11:54:32 AM
Filed Under: The Brick
Time to move on!
Well, there is no easy way to say this, but Mari and I have parted ways and I am no longer involved with the Brick. It's been a great run, and I will be forever grateful to Mari for giving me my first DJ shot in SL on nothing more than faith.

Why have I left the Brick? Well, Tee and I are ready to take the next step. Not 30 minutes ago, I purchased a full 65536 m2, 15000 prim sim from Linden Labs, and the first thing to be built on the new sim "Teeland" will be the newest, best nightclub in SL: "St. Ivan's Infirmary", owned and operated by Tee and yours truly!

We hope to be open for business on Monday, October 6. You can expect all the same great 80's club dance music and comic repartee that you have come to expect from Tee and myself... I will continue to DJ and perform (probably more often!) and Tee will be there with me to keep the atmosphere beautiful, happy, and silly!

Stay tuned for more developments both here and at the new website for St. Ivan's Infirmary! Hope to see you there!

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