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Another new region! | Can you believe we outgrew our sim already? | Hanging out the No Vacancy sign. | Musical Chairs! | Musical parcels! | Musical parcels, part deux | Our estate has grown! | Professional portraits for free?!?!? | The parcels are going fast! | The shuffle continues... | Would you like to live on Teeland? |
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Filed: Monday, October 12, 2009 at 1:50:59 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Hanging out the No Vacancy sign.
A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the changes in the Teeland estate. We moved around a little, and freed up some islands for rental.

Well, it didn't take long for the paradise seekers to find us, and as of last week, all four regions in the Teeland estate are 100% occupied! We must be doing something right. So, it's back to the waiting list... if you would like to join us in Teeland, I'm happy to add you to our list so that you can be notified as parcels become available. We're tossing around the idea of adding another region or two to the estate, due to the overwhelming response we've had to our land rentals. Stay tuned for further developments!

Filed: Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 12:40:53 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
The shuffle continues...
Here we go again. I promised Tee we would never move again. Well... umm...... sorry, princess. I'll make it up to you somehow

The latest game of parcel musical chairs got set off by Jayiel's decision to cut back on her SL expenses. She had rented a huge, rather oddly shaped parcel on the southwest corner of Teeland, and her vacating it created a bit of a problem, since it doesn't split nicely into smaller parcels. The reason the parcel exists in the first place? Well, if you remember, back when Tee and I first made our foray into ownership of our estate, we set up the landscaping of Teeland around two items: St. Ivan's Infirmary, and our rather large house. Then, when we purchased the Isle of Tee, we moved our house there and Jayiel took over the area where our house had been.

So... instead of trying to figure out how to rerent this parcel, Tee and I decided to move back to Teeland. Therefore, our house will be reappearing in its original spot, and we will be splitting our 3/4 of the Isle of Tee into three 1/4 sim islands in the next few days. It just works out better this way... and our house looks SO good at the top of the hill, overlooking Teeland.

So... if anyone's looking to join us in our island paradise estate, and would like their own private island... we will have 3 1/4 sim islands available soon.

Filed: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 at 4:09:05 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Professional portraits for free?!?!?
Yes, you heard right. Well. almost free anyway.

Tee and I were looking at some of the things we have, trying to make the best use of them. She had bought a professional backdrop/pose package a while back, thinking that maybe she might want to get into SL photography (she's a very accomplished photographer in RL).

Well, as we all know, Tee much prefers shopping to work so it never really got used.

We also have had the Teeland Realty/SL Biz Pros office across the road from the Infirmary forever, which never got used for anything. So...

Just because we like you we've put Tee's portrait studio where anyone can use it, any time, at no charge! Why pay a SL photographer to do what you can do yourself, using the exact same tools that they do? Choose from a whole bunch of backdrops and about 100 different single and couple poses... all it will cost you is the LL charge of L$10 per photo to upload (or you can just save them to your hard drive for free).

Have fun with it! It's located right across the road from St. Ivan's Infirmary, in the little brick office building. Just another service of your friends Ivan and Tee.

Filed: Tuesday, September 08, 2009 at 4:02:14 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Musical Chairs!
People moving here, moving there... it's like a Chinese fire drill!

It all started a couple of months back... Tappanga and Sigourney had rented 3/4 of the Western Anteeles earlier this year (my sis Jessie has the other 1/4) and decided it was time to downsize. So, they gave up their 3/4 and moved back to a 1536 on Teeland. We scarcely missed a beat, though, as our friend Vegavex jumped in and took over the 3/4 they had vacated.

Then, Holiday moved on from the northeast corner of Teeland. Since that was Tappanga's first home before moving to the Anteeles, she wanted to know if they could move one parcel up, back to the corner. Done.

One parcel to the south... Ulrich was looking for more land than he had, so he took on the parcel that Tap and Sig had vacated.

In the meantime, our new friend Cora had taken the southeast corner of Teeland, and immediately outgrown it. So, we sliced the south 1/4 off of the Isle of Tee and Cora moved most of her stuff there.. while keeping her original parcel.

So far so good, right? Well...

It took Cora about two more weeks to decide that she really needed an entire homestead sim. Once again, everything fell into place. Vegavex informed me that he needed to move on, since he wanted to do some commercial stuff that just wasn't going to work on a homestead sim, which is what the Western Anteeles is. So...

Last night, Cora took ownership of the 3/4 that Vegavex vacated. This weekend, we'll move Jessie over to the south 1/4 of the Isle of Tee, and Cora can add Jessie's vacated 1/4 of the Western Anteeles to the 3/4 she already has... making it a complete homestead sim for her.

Stop the ride... I want to get off...

Filed: Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 3:44:45 AM
Filed Under: Teeland
Another new region!
Wow, Ivan the land baron. This was not in my plans... but the SL experience has a way of evolving. Our waiting list finally got to the point where Tee and I decided to pull the trigger on purchasing another sim.

I just finished some initial terraforming and landscaping on our 4th and newest region in the Teeland estate. Our little tropical paradise now consists of FOUR regions... in addition to Teeland, Isle of Tee, and Isle of Macy, we now own the Western Anteeles! This region is a little different than our others in that, instead of being one large island, it's split into three smaller islands. Tappanga and Bluebell will be moving from their parcels on Teeland to the largest of the three Anteeles in the next few days, another of our friends will be taking the second island, and the third will be made available to those on our waiting list. Also, as a result of this move, Tappanga's and Bluebell's parcels on Teeland will go back on the market. Let's see how long those take to move... we haven't had a vacancy stay vacant for more than 24 hours in the past few months!

Filed: Monday, March 23, 2009 at 12:11:43 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Musical parcels, part deux
OK, this is getting confusing... a few weeks ago, Jessie moved into the temporarily vacant parcel on the southeast corner of Teeland. Victoria then bought Jessie's old parcel (gimme gimme prims!) and we were all set... or so we thought.

Then, Victoria and Ooga got together and worked out a deal where Ooga would slide over to Victoria's parcel, which used to be Jessie's parcel, and Victoria would take Ooga's parcel and add it to her own since they bordered each other...

So, we moved things around this weekend AGAIN. And now I think we're done for a while (at least until Victoria runs out of prims again!). Because of the way we redrew the property lines to get Victoria's parcels to all be contiguous, we now have a 32m "buffer zone" between Ooga and Victoria (our standard buffer zone is 16m) so Tee and I went in and did a little landscaping to make a small public waterfront park. Feel free to kick back by the fire and cuddle on the blanket... it's there for all to enjoy!

Now, I need to turn my attention to the north side of the sim, where Lacey and Tappanga have "ideas"...

Filed: Saturday, March 07, 2009 at 1:06:08 AM
Filed Under: Teeland
Musical parcels!
A few changes on Teeland... we had a resident move on, opening up one of the choice corner parcels. It wasn't even available for a day before my best friends Victoria and Jessie hatched up a plan... so after I finished my gig at the Infirmary, we all went over and moved things around. Jessie picked up her house etc. and moved one parcel over to the corner... and Victoria was happy to take Jessie's parcel to add to hers (that girl can NEVER have enough prims!)... so everyone got what they wanted, and our exclusive sim is once again 100 percent rented! I didn't even get a chance to contact anyone on our waiting list!

I really think it's time to start thinking about buying another sim to add to the three we have now... we seem to attract the quality residents, and if I need to make more room for them, well, then I will just have to make it happen! Stay tuned...

Filed: Friday, December 19, 2008 at 1:57:08 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Our estate has grown!
Well, our new OS sims were delivered (finally) on Tuesday, and other than an interesting little glitch (somehow the estate got reset to "No Direct Teleport"... see more on that in another post ) all is well.

Our house is back up on the brand new Isle of Tee... you can see it if you stand on the deck at St. Ivan's Infirmary and look across the water. I took my jetski to the club last night! I guess I need to put in a dock at the club now...

Macy and Hankk have taken possession of the other new sim "Isle of Macy" just south of us too, and it is great to welcome two of our best friends to the estate!

Filed: Sunday, December 14, 2008 at 11:02:15 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Can you believe we outgrew our sim already?
Actually, we didn't really outgrow it... but a couple of factors contributed to our decision to buy two openspace sims.

We have had absolutely no problem renting out the 8 parcels we originally set aside on Teeland. After talking about it, we decided that we did not want to redivide, or take more land away from the common area, since one of the hallmarks of Teeland is that every parcel is a minimum of 1536 sq m and has usable waterfront access. It's not so much a question of making money on the land as it is not wanting to disappoint the people who are waiting for one of our parcels to open up.

So, I did a little sniffing around on the SL forums and found someone who was willing to sell us two openspaces that they were going to abandon due to the upcoming openspace/homestead conversion. It actually worked out well for everyone involved... we got two openspaces for much less than the LL setup fee would be for new ones, and the original owner got something back on his investment instead of just abandoning the sims to LL.

Once January 5 rolls around, these openspaces will be converted to homesteads. Though the tier will go up some, it's still a bargain for someone like us who just wants to have a private island to build a house on, do some landscaping, and have a few friends over.

Once LL gets around to completing the transfer from the old owners to us (it's about a 14 day turnaround at this point) we will have two additional sims in our little island paradise of Teeland... "Isle of Tee" and "Isle of Macy".

"Isle of Tee" will become Tee's and my new home, since (1) we kind of miss having our old island of Tasminia all to ourselves, and (2) Jayiel and Victoria were clamoring for "more prims more land!" and our parcel where our house was is perfect for a couple of larger parcels.

"Isle of Macy" will be occupied by our good friends Macy and Hankk, who lost their rented openspace in a sale last month. And anyone who knows us knows that Tee and I would never pass up an opportunity to help out friends in need.

Don't fret... we will still live on the estate, just across the water from St. Ivan's Infirmary, which of course will remain on the main island of Teeland. As always, we love it when visitors drop in... feel free to come on by!

Filed: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 1:30:52 AM
Filed Under: Teeland
The parcels are going fast!
Wow... didn't expect to become land barons this fast but I should know better than to underestimate my princess TeeDee's marketing wizardry.

We set aside 8 very exclusive parcels of land for sale on our sim, and as of today there are only 2 left. Not bad for our first foray into SL real estate.

We'd love to have you join us in paradise, but you need to move quickly... these double prim parcels are going very fast!

Filed: Monday, October 13, 2008 at 1:08:15 PM
Filed Under: Teeland
Would you like to live on Teeland?
Come live with TeeDee and myself in paradise! We are making a limited number of 1536 sqm parcels available at a monthly rate of $5000L.

Our sim is brand new, low lag, and while we are not looking to become SL land moguls, we are renting out a few parcels. The majority of the sim is common area, for all residents to enjoy. We also feature "St. Ivan's Infirmary", a 80's dance club, "TeeDee's Playground", with a water slide, swings, and outdoor furniture on the beach near the club, and "TeeDee's Prayer Island", a quiet, beautiful place to meditate and reflect.

We have a limited number of 1536 sqm parcels available at a monthly rate of $5000L. All parcels have double prim allowances (702 prims per parcel), all have water frontage with water access rights, and all are separated from each other by a 16 meter buffer zone on each side. Enjoy our beautiful island paradise without worrying about your neighbor building right up to your property line!

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