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Filed: Friday, June 24, 2011 at 2:23:25 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Real People and Us
I'm going to take a little different tone with today's post, because I've been thinking about this for the last few days and I'd like to get it out for everyone to see. I generally try very hard not to talk about myself any more than I have to, since I've made it clear that the reason for the success of the Infirmary is not myself and Tee... it's the great people that come in every night and make it so much fun. But in this case I think it's important, germane, and if nothing else might make for an interesting read.

I've made a new friend over the past couple weeks, someone who found us in whatever way people find us, and I had a nice long talk with her a few nights ago. We were talking about why people are so loyal to the Infirmary and come back night after night... and I gave my usual reasoning, deferring the credit to the people who come in to spend their time with us. She pondered that a bit and then said something to the effect of "but you have something to do with that. You're obviously a people person, and you get along so well with everyone, and people build on that".

I've been thinking about that ever since, and I realized that, probably more than anything, is what defines me. While I'm not going to lie and say that I have never had differences with anyone in SL, the reality is that I pretty much by default get along with everyone I meet. I can't think of anyone I've become acquainted with in the 3 and a half years I've been in SL that I have any serious differences with. I've never been a grudge holder or even intensely disliked anyone, because honestly it benefits no one. What does it accomplish? Nothing.

My nature is to immediately trust people, assume that they are inherently good, and to try very hard to draw that out of them into the open. We've had several people join us through the years who quite honestly were a little off-putting when we first met them, probably due to the "fantasy" nature of SL and the ability to be an "actor" to become someone they aren't in RL. With time, getting to know them, their true nature can't help but be exposed... and 99% of the time, it's a good thing. They aren't even recognizable as the aloof, private people they were when we first met them. And I guess we can take a little credit for that.

My dear friend MACY put it very eloquently (sorry MACY for stealing this from your Facebook page): "The best way to find out if you can believe somebody is to believe in them." I couldn't say it any better.

So, yes. For the most part, I get along with everyone. Because, honestly, it would be silly not to.

That brings me back to what I've said for a while... the reason people enjoy spending time with us at the Infirmary is that the people here, for the most part, are the same in SL as they are in RL. We may not look anything like our RL counterparts (for the record, in RL I am 5'9" and most definitely not one bit bald), but our basic personalities are no different regardless of which world we are in. We know where everyone lives, we talk about RL, past and present, and our conversations are honestly not that different than they would be if we were meeting in RL. We're all real people. And people relate to that.

Filed: Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 12:52:34 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
SVC-4196 (or, why does my viewer keep freezing up?)
Edit: This is a repost of a previous post from a few months ago. After the aborted deploy of server 1.36 today (they'll be trying again tomorrow) it looks like there is hope as rumor has it the fix will be in 1.36.1, as LL has tested it on their beta grid and it looks like a go. Let's hope so.

You've all seen it... we're happily dancing away at the Infirmary (or doing anything anywhere else in SL, for that matter) and suddenly everything freezes up for a few seconds, gets choppy, and then returns to normal. And then it works fine again. This scenario repeats over and over.

It is NOT your computer. This is a documented bug in SL at the server level. You aren't the only one seeing it... everyone else who is on the same sim as you sees it at the same time you do.

(WARNING: geekspeak follows. However, I'd encourage everyone to read this, since it's an issue that affects every single person in SL, and will continue to until LL fixes it.)

It's been a while since I went off on Linden Lab. Usually, I don't have too many issues with them... I use whatever stock viewer is the most current, and I don't have any trouble with SL from a stability standpoint. I don't remember the last time SL crashed on my laptop... it's been months, honestly. Of course, I've ubertweaked my HP laptop for stability (it's running Vista 64 Home Premium, but I've basically got all the Vista eye candy turned off so that it looks like Windows 2000). It's pretty basic looking, but the combination of my tweaks and having 4GB of RAM and a 512MB dedicated graphics system gives me a machine that is incredibly fast, reliable, and never, repeat never crashes. Pretty strong statement, but a true one.

Anyway, I've found that this is a documented issue in SL. It even has a JIRA number: SVC-4196. Here's an explanation:

Any time an avatar teleports into a sim, the entire sim, and everyone on it, freezes for a few seconds. The more scripted attachments that avatar has (HUDs, sexy walks, blingy stuff, and of course 700 prims of hair) the worse it is. Once their avatar has "acclimated" itself to the new sim, things return to normal... until the next avatar teleports in, and the cycle repeats. This originally was noted back at the beginning of May with the server release that introduced script monitoring, and it's suspected that the cause lies within.

According to Lil Linden, this issue is scheduled to be addressed in the second quarter of 2010. Wow. Thanks for the quick response. (In fairness to Lil, she's just reporting the news... don't shoot the messenger!) So it doesn't sound like it's going to go away soon.

The severity of this bug kind of depends on where you are. For example, at St. Ivan's, even though it's a common occurence due to the incredibly huge number of people we get TPing into the club, it's more of an inconvenience than anything else... other than chat getting disrupted for a few seconds, it's not that big of a deal. However, for other locations in SL, it's a VERY big deal (gamerooms, racing events, and other places where you "win or lose" depending on your reflexes. And other things like inventory transfers and purchases can be affected as well, with objects and payments disappearing into cyberspace.

Apparently it's been documented that the issue gets worse the longer a sim stays online. So, for the foreseeable future I'm going to fight it by scheduling a daily region restart for all of Teeland. This is another advantage of owning an estate... at least I can restart it myself. I feel for the poor sods who have mainland regions, where LL has to do the restart for them. We'll see if this makes a difference.

Hopefully LL will escalate the timeframe on fixing this, because it is, in my opinion, the worst bug ever in a server release.

Filed: Monday, February 01, 2010 at 10:30:09 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Passing the memo on...
Just making sure everyone knows... Mac is beautiful!

if you were here Monday night, you know what this is about. If not... shame on you!

Filed: Monday, February 01, 2010 at 3:32:54 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
I guess I should update my profile more often...
I was looking at someone else's profile (I'm a terminal profile peeker) and I was kind of chuckling to myself how often she changes it. Which is a good thing, in my mind, because it's one way you can get to know a little about someone... kind of a mini-blog in many cases, where the mood changes from day to day, plus the other basic information that people choose to share, which can vary depending on their comfort level with allowing people to get to know them. This can range from the ubiqituous (and very overused) "RL is RL and SL is SL" and yet another pic of their avatar to "In RL I'm a 42 year old stay at home mom. married, with 5 kids and 1 grandchild" with a nice pic of their RL persona. And of course everything in between. If you've looked at mine, you know that I tend more toward the "too much information" spectrum, since Tee and I are married in both SL and RL and as such really don't have any distinction between the two.

Anyway, as I was looking at this profile (I do it via the SL website, using the search function, when I'm not inworld), it occurred to me that I hadn't changed mine in quite a while. In fact, I don't remember the last time I looked at it. I mean... I know who I am so there's really no reason for me to look at it, right?

So I searched for myself and read my profile. Yeah, I suppose I should change things up a little. By my recollection, I haven't changed it since last fall sometime. Busy, busy me...

For you profile peekers out there, I'll update things a little... though the important things haven't changed (Tee and I are married in both worlds, we own the most successful pure 80's nightclub in SL, we love our friends, yada yada yada) I see some things that aren't there that probably should be, along with references to a few people I haven't spoken to in months.

I'll get to it...

Filed: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at 1:15:51 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Why do my IMs get capped? I don't get that many!
Depending on a number of variables, I submit that most of us have gotten this message at some point when logging into SL:

"Too many message. Delivery capped."

Why does this happen? I see this question on occasion, and while I understood the basic theory behind the limitations of how many IMs that can be received while not inworld, I decided that it would be a good thing to actually do a little research into exactly why it happens and what the limits actually are. So, off to Google I went, and found this information in the Linden Lab FAQ area. I've condensed it a bit here.

"The number of incoming IMs stored by LL for each Resident is 25. This number includes inventory transfers, group invitations, and group notifications as well as instant messages."

So, what this means is that every message of any kind received by your account while you are offline counts against the cap of 25...NOT just IMs! As an example: let's assume that you belong to 10 groups, and each of them sends a group notice announcing a sale, or an event, or whatever. Those 10 group notices come off your limit of 25, leaving you with 15. Then, let's assume that you have 5 friends who send you those goofy chain letter notecards that you are supposed to pass on to all your friends. Every time you receive inventory from someone, you receive one of those "Bob Smith has given you blah blah" messages. That's another 5 messages toward the limit, and now you're down to 10. Now, a couple of stores that you've bought items from send you updates, and the list goes on.

See where this is going? Even though it's understood that the number of offline IMs you can receive is limited to 25, the reality is that taking into account all of these other types of messages may leave you with only a few actual IMs available. It's quite possible that during the 20 hours or so that you are offline, because of group notices and such you may reach the message cap without receiving a single IM.

It's also important to note that (a) the sender of an IM will not receive any notification that your IMs have been capped, (b) SL will only retain IMs for 31 days, and any IMs older than that will be deleted (though if you're concerned about this you are probably logging in much more often than that anyway), and (c) that the only way to clear them out is to log into SL.

What can you do? Well, other than logging in more often so that you don't hit the cap, one thing I'd suggest is to go through your groups one by one and uncheck "Receive Group Notices". You'll have to decide for yourself which groups are worth receiving notices for. For example, I would leave them on for St. Ivan's Infirmary because we only send them when we have an actual event (at most twice a day, and usually only once), but disable the ones that from the stores that you've only shopped at once and probably will never go back to. In fact, you might want to consider if there's even any value in belonging to those groups in the first place... I don't know about you, but I'm quite offended when I enter a store or other venue for the first time and get hit with a barrage of notecards and "Join Our Group" invitations within seconds of entering. I find that incredibly rude, and I always decline those.

Now, the good news is that if you have "IM to email forwarding" turned on, as I do, you will still receive the messages in your email. The cap does not limit the number of messages forwarded. Since I'm only inworld for a few hours a day, and often not at all on weekends, this is a godsend to me.

Filed: Wednesday, December 16, 2009 at 3:20:31 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Alternative Viewers for SL
I'm getting involved in the SL viewer open source community (might as well put my programming/scripting experience to good use) and I'll be trying out a couple of new viewers.

While everyone's raving about Emerald and all of its features, the reality is that the greater need (in my opinion) is not a more complex SL viewer, but rather a "lower powered one" to take into account all the people out there who are using sub-$500USD computers with Intel integrated graphics.

The bottom line: if the default SL viewer is giving you performance issues, Emerald will be even worse. If your computer doesn't have enough horsepower to run the standard viewer, don't waste your time trying to run a higher powered viewer like Emerald.

While my ubertweaked laptop (Intel Core2Duo, 4GB RAM, 1GB nVidia dedicated graphics) would likely run Emerald just fine, I'm not going to bother with it as I'm more interested in speed and stability than with gadgets. Instead, I'm going to be trying out two alternatives:

Snowglobe: this is an open source viewer, which is being developed with the blessing of Linden Lab and is supported by the open-source community. My early tests are that it's way more stable than the stock viewer, and due to some differences in protocol is way faster at loading textures, etc. I played with it a little last night and was impressed with how quick it was compared to the stock SL viewer, though some of that performance may have been due to the placebo effect of starting with a fresh install and an empty cache. We'll see how it is after a couple of weeks.

Rainbow: this is the one I think has a great future. It's based on CoolViewer, which still uses the code from the pre-Windlight days (going back over a year) and is specifically optimized for netbooks, which all use the Intel Atom processor, the Intel integrated 945 chipset, and are the definiton of "low power". Running it on my netbook will be the first test. I'm not expecting it to be perfect, but if it's a big improvement over the stock viewer (which runs, but very slowly) I think that this viewer could be tweaked for all of you users who don't have the money to be going out and spending $1000 on a computer with dedicated nVidia graphics. If I'm right, this viewer should scream on your typical home computer.

I'll let you know how it turns out in future posts.

Filed: Friday, November 20, 2009 at 2:51:50 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Can you believe it? I forgot my rez day!
Wow... apparently I'm a busy guy, or just don't pay attention to things which used to seem important.

The past few weeks have been such a blur, with everything happening in RL and SL, that I completely missed the fact that my rez day was a few weeks ago! That's right... on October 28th, my second SL birthday came and went rather quietly. I've been so focused on everything and everyone else (Scarlett's rez day, Halloween, MACY's rez day, finding a sim for Cora, Thanksgiving coming up, keeping Tee from owning every shoe in SL) that I guess I haven't been thinking of myself, and my rez day completely slipped my mind.

And you know what? The more I think about it, the more I think that's the way it should be. Because the Infirmary isn't about me. It's about all of you wonderful people. My time in SL has always, it seems, been about making sure that everyone else is enjoying themselves. That's how I have fun, and that's my reward. And I think I like that.

So I think I just started a tradition. Ivan's rez day is from this day forward considered a "non-holiday". I'm going to stay 1 forever!

Filed: Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 12:19:57 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Getting Caught Up, and My Excuses... hehehe
I just realized that it's been almost a week since I posted here.

It's been kind of a crazy week in RL. We've been trying to plan for this upcoming weekend... Halloween (of course) coupled with the fact that my 14 year old son volunteered our house as the location for the Halloween party he and several of his classmates are holding on Friday. So, we're preparing for the onslaught of potentially the entire 8th grade of Little Chute Middle School showing up at our house on Friday night. Plus, continuing a tradition started last year, our friend and Medic Macy and her daughter are coming to spend the weekend with us as well (which works out well since Macy's volunteered to help with the party).

Also, I had rehearsals with the two different bands I play in to squeeze into this week, along with a karate qualification exam (which was last night, and I've now graduated to brown belt! One more year to go before I test for my black belt!).

Anyway, last Saturday I was presented with the realization that I've had several of our remodeling projects sitting at about the 80% complete state for several weeks. With all these people coming to our house, Tee suggested that it would be good if they were more like 100% complete. As a result, I've been spending most of whatever free time I've had this past week (and there wasn't much of that as you can see above) finishing up the rec room in the basement, and finishing up the cabinet/countertop work in the kitchen. A couple of hours here, a couple of hours there...

And of course all 180 or so trees on our 3/4 acre lot decided to drop their leaves at the same time... coupled with the rain we've been having for pretty much all of October, that translates into a completely invisible lawn buried under about 6 inches of wet leaves. Still gotta get that cleaned up.

It'll all be worth it though... it's always so wonderful to see Macy and her daughter, and the Halloween party will be a blast. Once this weekend is over, things should (hopefully) calm down for a few weeks.

Filed: Friday, October 02, 2009 at 12:13:55 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Other 80's Clubs?
NOTE: I've updated this post again, since even more clubs have gone by the wayside since it was originally written. Looks like your choices for an 80's SL club are dwindling fast, which may explain how we continue to grow at an exponential rate.

We've made several claims to be the "best" 80's club in SL. Of course we have, because we honestly believe it to be true. Obviously, that is a subjective judgment... it's our opinion (and the opinion of our over 300 Loyalty Club members). Still, in order to make a claim like that, and be able to back it up, you need to have some valid data to compare. Just like in RL, an SL business can't survive and thrive unless it is completely aware of its competition. Also, we aren't so egotistical as to think that we are the only place in SL that plays 80's music...

Therefore, as a public service announcement, and to ensure that you have a complete knowledge of the other clubs that are out there, here's an overview of the clubs that claim to offer an "80's experience" in Second Life, as evidenced by the fact that they show up in search under "80's club" or "80's music" or "80's dance", etc. I encourage you to go check them out on their own. Yes, I am sending you to the "competition"! Who knows, maybe you will like one of them better than us (but the fact that I am listing them here is a show of my confidence that that won't happen).

DISCLAIMER: Bear in mind three things:
  1. that I have left out the obvious strip joints and other dubious places where escorts, etc. hang out,
  2. that what you read below is my subjective judgment based on my observations... and
  3. that this is based on observation during the evening hours of the USA time zones. I have no idea what is happening other times of the day. We're Americans, and like most of you we work during the day, so I assume that the evening hours are what you are interested in.

St. Ivan's Infirmary (Teeland) - well, I assume you know all about us and what we have to offer... If not, shame on you!

BlackHearts (Voices Island) - the original and biggest 80's club in SL. The only one that has live DJs around the clock, for the most part. In my opinion, seconded by the opinions of many others I have talked with, they seem to have three issues:
  1. It's way too big. Second Life has a hard limit of 19 meters for chat... if you are farther away from someone than that, they can't "hear" you, and vice versa. I don't understand why it has to be that big... they seem to average about 35 to 40 avs at a time, and we easily fit that many in the Infirmary, in a quarter of the space. Why spread everyone out?
  2. It seems very impersonal... the only people that talk are the ones who have known each other forever. Whatever chat that isn't filled with the "cliques" is filled with newbies screaming out their new gestures (lol, our new friend Elise calls it "gesturbating".
  3. The music selection, to be honest, is not very imaginative. If I had to categorize it, it would be not so much "80's dance music" as much as "classic rock". Which is fine, if that is what you are looking for... but trust me, I spent the 80's as a RL club DJ in several very successful clubs... and the music at BlackHearts is not what was played then.
If you are into big and impersonal, you will like this place. SLURL:

Club Rockaway (Heavens Garden) - Another venerable. Very similar to BlackHearts, but not quite as busy (but thankfully nowhere near as big, either, to their credit). The music is better from a dance perspective, though still pretty much classic rock. The DJ I heard there last night had a decent voice, which is a plus. Other than the hostess "gesturbating", not much converation going on. SLURL:

Fast Times (Cornelius) - EDIT: Looks like they're gone. In fact, the whole sim is gone.

They burst on the scene with all sorts of advertising earlier this year, but my green dot check never showed any people there, and the music was freebie Internet radio every time I was been there.

Club Odyssey (Driscoll) - EDIT: Sadly, Club Odyssey is no more. Windy and Scott decided that they would rather not be in the club ownership business for now. The good news is that they have brought their act to St. Ivan's... teaming up with us to make our club even better!

The Brick (Atlit) - EDIT: Mari has apparently seen the light, and no longer presents The Brick as an 80's club... hence it probably doesn't belong on this list any more. All her advertising now reflects the generic "60s - 90s music" that so many other clubs do, and other than a couple of live performers, the music is pretty much all Internet radio now... no live DJs. SLURL:

Jegers (Alarbus) - They have been around for quite a while too... but I don't know all that much about them. Haven't seen anyone there at night either. Mainland... you know how that is. SLURL:

New Fantasies (Isle Of Solitude) - EDIT: another goner. A big empty field as of a couple of days ago. My guess is that they either moved to the adult continent or just closed up.

The Holodeck - I wish I had more to report, but the place doesn't seem to actually exist. At least not from what I could tell... the only links in search were to the owners' profiles, and they had them set to private.

Cherish the 80's - also seems to have gone by the wayside. Only reference in search is to a VIP group with 4 members... draw your own conclusions.

Desperados - apparently it is a different incarnation of The Holodeck (above). Same owners listed, and same results too, when I tried to find it.

Club Reflex (Fierce Island) - really ummm.... bright (and pink!). From their event listings, looks like they do their business in the US AM, as there never seems to be anyone there at night. SLURL:

Flashdance - apparently they are closed. Nothing to report here.

Crowded House - another goner, from what I could tell. The teleport link took me to a blank piece of land, with freebie Internet radio playing. If you know otherwise, let me know... the search listing sounded interesting. Apparently they weren't around long, as the land was only claimed on March 5. Too bad. SLURL:

Synergy (Skye Island) - Definitely classic rock and hair band music. It's 80's, to a point, but definitely not typical 80's club dance music. Might be what you're into, but the people that hang out here wouldn't hang at St. Ivan's, and vice versa. SLURL:

Please do yourself the favor of visiting the clubs listed above, so you feel even more secure in knowing that we truly are the best. St. Ivan's Infirmary is purely an 80's dance club... that's it! You won't hear commercials on our stream, you won't see a bunch of ads hanging around the club, you won't find places to shop for cheap clothes, free skins, HUDs, etc. We don't do contests, we don't pay you to come visit us, and we definitely would NEVER ask you to support us with your donations. We wouldn't insult you, our friends, with crassness like that... there is too much of that in SL already. We do one thing, one thing only, and we do it very well... which is to provide you with a great place to dance to true 80's club dance music, played by live DJs who actually speak to you over the mic, and to have great conversations with great people like you.

Filed: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at 3:21:28 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Group Notice Spam
Something I've been meaning to write about for a while, and it was brought up by one of our friends last night. She said:
"I've left SL groups because of all the group notices they send out. You guys do it right... I get a notice when something is happening. That's all I need."

I've always been of the mindset that you do need to let people know what's happening, but you don't have to badger them about it. Our policy is to send ONE group notice at the beginning of an event, which usually results in about 30 to 40 of you joining us. If you aren't online to receive the notice when we send it, you'll get it when you log in... hopefully before the event ends. If not, well, you couldn't very well join us anyway, could you?

I never understood the need to send out multiple notices... the first one saying "Hey, this is starting now!" and then another saying "OK, we're 30 minutes into it, where are you?" and then another saying "We're an hour into it! You're missing the fun! Why aren't you here yet?"...

What crosses my mind when I see a string of notices like this is: "Well, apparently no one responded to the first couple, so they must be having trouble getting people in." It smacks of desperation to me, as I am sure it does to you too. We won't do that to you. If you don't respond to the first (and only) notice we send out, I assume it's because either (a) you aren't online, or (b) you have something else you are doing. That's your call, of course, and I am not going to keep asking where you are... we understand that there are thousands of places you can be in Second Life, and if you want to be at our event, you'll be there!

It's the way I like to be treated, and I don't think I'm far off in making the assumption that you feel the same way.

Filed: Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 2:51:13 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Wow... it's been a while!
RL RL RL. Such is life.

Anyway, Tee and I are just finishing up another week in beautiful eastern Ontario with the boys, and Tee's sister and family. The last big vacation for this year... we're packing up and heading back to Wisconsin tonight. Lots of floating on the lake, Labatt's Blue in hand...

Now that RL should FINALLY be returning to normal, I'll be more active on this blog again. We'll be back to our normal schedule at St. Ivan's... Tee and I will be in Monday night, with a big surprise for all of you (a little brainstorm I had whilst we were enjoying our vacation).

I managed two of our five regularly scheduled nights this past week (while we have DSL at the cottage, it's just not good enough quality to run a high bandwidth application like Second Life very well). Nork and Star covered for us the Friday we left (the 7th) and our Tuesday and Friday this past week (though they missed Wednesday due to Internet issues, so Ashleigh filled in admirably as always). They are truly gems, and we are so privileged to have them! I managed to do my Teeless show on Monday and Thursday, which was nice. We didn't want to chance having Tee's laptop online in addition to mine and the mighty Netbook... I just don't trust DSL that much.

As mentioned, next week will be mostly back to normal... we will be minus a couple of Medics as Ashleigh is off to the Land of the Mouse with her family, and MACY is off to visit her brother. We'll just have to make do.

Anyway, hope you all are well, and we will see you on Monday night at 7PM SLT! Nork and Star will be in Sunday at 7... do yourself a favor and go check them out as well.

Filed: Saturday, July 25, 2009 at 9:57:58 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
RL again!
Been up for almost 36 hours straight with a 2 hour nap this afternoon... rebuilding a web server. Argh. It doesn't seem to stop...

Anyway, just needed to rant; and also to make sure the blog works (it's on the newly rebuilt server, so there is a scientific reason for this post).

Edit: Sunday morning. Up to 47 hours straight now, minus anothe 3 hour nap.

If you were wondering, our web server got hit with a virus. This is the scariest virus I have ever seen. Not so much from a security threat standpoint (it's not going to steal valuable information or anything) but more so the way it spreads and attacks. Basically, it starts by injecting itself into important executable files, like the ones that you need to have Windows function sucn as explorer.exe, winlogon.exe, inetinfo.exe, etc. Then, as those files are opened (and some of them can be opened by Windows just by booting up, or performing a search, or whatever) it injects itself into whatever *.exe files it finds along the way. Then, those files don't work.

It's not even written well. It doesn't actually accomplish anything other than it completely hoses the system, and the only solution is to format the drive and reinstall Windows. Which isn't any fun, because though we have all the files needed to restore, I have over 500 websites that I now have to reconfigure the settings for. At between 5 and 30 minutes per site between configuring and uploading, you do the math.

Good thing I'm such an easygoing guy.

Filed: Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 4:50:04 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
RL interferes with my SL fun!
Well, that's what happens when you plan ahead. I spent way longer than I intended getting Tee's laptop set up to use as her primary computer at the office... which means I didn't get home till 9PM... which means I didn't get to start on replacing our garage door opener (the joys of home ownership!) until almost 10PM. And of course that took 3 hours to finish.

So, Tee and I never made it into SL Wednesday night for our "fun" night... we were going to look up PC and Alza for a double date, but that didn't happen.

Oh well. Do I take SL too seriously, or what? At least it didn't impact the club... Nork and Star had a nice crowd last night.

Tee and I will see you at the Infirmary tonight (Thursday) at 7PM sharp. Can't wait to see all of you, the beautiful, intelligent, fun, stable (yes, we do appreciate the stability of your relationships... it's one thing that makes our group quite different from most clubs in SL!), truly drama-free (lol, everyone says that but our club seems to be the only one that can back it up), and simply the best people in SL!

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Sunday... a day of rest and RL
Absolutely nothing to report SLwise today. I spent a lovely day with Tee in RL... we attended the early service at our church along with my sons, then we went out for a very nice brunch. I split some wood and we built a fire in our fireplace, we played some games (Tee whipped my little tushy in 3 straight games of Ping Pong!), we played with our dogs, and just did the things that married couples do, enjoying each other's company all day.

Make sure you never forget that RL is infinitely more important than SL will ever be. I love you, Tee!

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Married her off!
Click here for enlargement!Yup, that's right, my crazy pink haired sis Jessie is now married... and I have to say this was the most perfect SL wedding I have ever attended. Everything went off right on time and without a hitch (other than Reefer wiping wedding cake on Jessie's dress) ... it was beautiful!

I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of walking my sis down the aisle, resplendent in my bright pink tuxedo (had to do it for my sissy!) and uttering the famous answer to "Who gives this woman in marriage". Had more than a couple tears in my eyes... Jessie is so special to me (both in SL and RL) and I have waited so long for her to truly find happiness in SL. Reefer, you have a wonderful woman there... please keep her happy!

After the ceremony, we did the traditional first dances and cake cutting etc. and then jetted off to Hangar 18 where Autumn MCed the post reception party! Great times were had by all!

Once again, congrats to Jessie and Reefer!

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Resident's Choice Awards
Well, Linden Labs has commissioned Qualtrics to hold the first annual Second Life "Resident's Choice Awards". That's right, you get to cast your vote for your favorite places and people in SL. I take a bit of a dim view on these sorts of things, because they tend to be popularity contests based on the places people have heard of (even though they may never have been there), but nevertheless I think you should go and cast your votes. It only takes a few minutes, and it would be nice to see how people and places are viewed in SL (and to see how we rate... of course I have a vested interest in this!).

At least they did a few things right, to make it an even playing field:

  1. You do have to give your valid avatar name in order to vote (so that they can ensure that only SL residents are voting).

  2. Since you are giving your name, you can only vote once. Not once a day, but once and only once.

  3. And to prevent people from creating new alt accounts just to vote, your av must have been created before March 30, 2009.

Anyway, to see more detail on what it's all about and to vote:

Now, some of the questions may not even apply to you (for example I have absolutely no idea where to be Goth or to enjoy the post-apocalypse). However, for questions 1 (favorite place for live music), 3 (favorite place to dance), 13 (favorite place to go back in time), 21 (favorite place for a first date), and 23 (favorite place to chill with friends), perhaps you could enter this SLURL (yes, it's for St. Ivan's Infirmary)
This ensures that we don't have misspelling issues, or calling it the Infirmary, or St. Ivan's, or "the premier 80's club in Second Life", or whatever. Just go ahead and copy that SLURL and paste it right in the ballot.

And for questions 6 (favorite DJ) and 7 (favorite musician), might I humbly suggest Ivan Boomhauer?

Of course, feel free to vote for whomever you would like to. These are just suggestions, of course...

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Another site change...
... just a minor one, but one I have been meaning to do for a while. Since my site statistics show that my blog is the most popular section of this site, and since I have the technology (if you didn't know, I coded this entire site, including the blog, by hand in Notepad... I don't use those prefab sitebuilders or freebie things like, I decided to give all you hungry readers a quick shortcut to my latest posts.

Now, you can immediately get a short summary of my latest blog posts, right from the home page of the St. Ivan's site. No need to click on links and read through all my windiness (though again, the statistics show that is exactly what most of you do!).

Just another way to make your life easier (and to show off the ASP skills I've been refining for 10 years in RL).

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Why have two sites?
If you've been visiting, you might have noticed that I have two websites... and And depending on which links you clicked, you may have found yourself bouncing between the two.

Well, in the interest of simplifying my life (and keeping my web server neat and clean... such is life when you own a Web hosting company) I decided to combine the two sites. Either domain name will now take you to the same site... and since St. Ivan's Infirmary seems to be the reason for my existence in SL (other than to go shoe shopping with Tee) the St. Ivan's site is now the primary focus.

Take a few moments to explore the site and learn more about the premier 80's club in SL, as well as some tidbits about yours truly. And keep on checking back... there is always something new!

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Ivan's Birthday is coming up!!!
No, not my rezz day... my RL birthday. And I think we need to do something special at the Infirmary to celebrate...

The date is March 12... I will be 46 years young in RL, and we will celebrate in style at the Infirmary, of course! Perhaps a live performance by yours truly, perhaps something Tee cooks up, who knows... but all I know is that I want to spend it with all of you, my best friends!

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Netbooks Rule!
Well, for those of you who have been following the saga I finally whined long enough for Tee to throw up her hands and say "OK, go get the damn netbook!" (Ivan Boomhauer = professional whiner)

So, I now have a much better setup to do my DJ show from... I have myself logged into SL on my custom superlaptop but the SAM Broadcaster stream is now coming from my shiny new Acer Aspire One netbook! It is so nice not having to be switching windows, alt-tabbing through apps, and turning the sound off in SL and on in SAM Broadcaster so I can ramble on the mic, and then have to switch it all back! Plus, the netbook is running XP, not Vista, which means that SAM Broadcaster actually works like it is supposed to (lol, just do a Google search for "SAM Broadcaster Vista mic problems") without the half-second delay I have been dealing with in my headphones for the past several months.

Ivan's a happy camper

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RL takes over SL... I hate when that happens!
It's been a while since I've posted here... the past few weeks have been kind of a whirlwind. Those of you who know Tee and I well have heard this, since we are in SL who we are in RL

On December 31, we purchased a new home in RL. The past few weeks have been filled with painting, fixing, packing, boxing, moving, etc. (it's so much easier in SL! You just take stuff into your inventory... no trucks involved!) We are FINALLY settled into our new RL home, and have just a bit more work on our old RL home before it gets listed for sale. Then, we will be able to get back to enjoying some free time in SL with all of our friends.

So, if you haven't seen us around much for a while (we've been doing our scheduled shows at St. Ivan's 4 nights a week, but haven't been in SL much otherwise) now you know... the rest of the story.

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Reef Coast October Fest - WOW!!!
As you may know, I did a two hour "The 80's Unplugged" live acoustic show at the Reef Coast October Fest on Wednesday, October 22 from 8PM to 10PM SL time. If you didn't make it, or if you haven't been there yet, you owe it to yourself to go and check this out! Tweet did a magificent job of creating a festival atmosphere!

The event is going on all week... bring your friends and hang out by the bonfire, find your way through the Corn Maze, snuggle up by the beach or dance on the straw covered dance floor!! Nightly fireworks show at 10:30 SLT! There's NO CHARGE, so spread the word... this is definitely a fun event, and I am honored to be asked to be part of it! See you there!

Direct link to the Reef Coast October Fest:

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Island Time, part 3
Well, the sim is starting to come together. I had to re-rez the house after I inadvertently "took" a section of it into inventory... I should know better than to trust my Vaio's touchpad... I do too much damage with it.

Otherwise, it's coming along nicely. Tee has been working on the landscaping and it starting to look more like home. Also, I reterraformed to remove the big "wall" that created the bay, since we decided to put in a prayer island with a bridge from the main island.

More to come...

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Island time, part 2
Wow. Spent the whole weekend working on terraforming, and subsequently created a few landslides along the way.

The better part of Sunday was spent creating a flowing stream through the island... a lot of work but it came out very nice. Still a lot of work to do though.

TeeDee has planted all kinds of trees and plants, and it is starting to look like home.

More updates coming.

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We moved! We're on Island Time now!
Well, Tee and I took a big leap yesterday. Our happy place on Salonika, while very nice, became a bit small. Can't seem to get Tee to stop shopping.

So, once again I called on my good friend Lucy, and she delivered. We are now the proud owners of the island of Tasminia, just to the east of the Brick. 65,536 m2 of tropical beauty. One full sim just for us.

Moving is a pain... lol, you never realize just how much crap you accumulate until it's time to pack it all up and move. It'll be a while before Tasminia feels like home, but we will get there. So far all I have had time to do is re-terraform the island and put up our new house... a gorgeous 40 x 45 Victorian. Stop by and see it... I'll update the "Teleport" link shortly.

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Back to work!
OK, vacation's over.

Tee and I got home about 5AM on Sunday, slept for a few hours, and made it through the rest of the day in a rather sleepy mode. Logged into SL for a few hours Sunday night so she could shop (of course) and I could work on some scripts that have been giving me a hassle.

We'll be back at the Brick on Monday night... I'll be back in my DJ seat and Tee will be doing the hostess thing. Hope to see you there!

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Off on vacation, but missing SL
Well, Tee and I are off on our annual vacation to her family's cottage in eastern Ontario. 5 days of nothing but sun, water, fishing, reading, relaxing, and spending quality time together without all the usual interruptions of RL.

Of course, no SL either. We're surviving. We'll be back to civilization on Thursday, spending a couple of days with her dad before we head back to Wisconsin. We'll probably pop into SL Thursday and/or Friday nights just because we can't stay away.

SL is wonderful, but you do need to take some time away and enjoy a RL vacation with your love. In my case, since TeeDee is my RL wife and my SL love, it's easier... but you owe it to yourselves to make sure you don't let SL get in the way of quality time with your RL loved ones... be it your spouse, your kids, your extended family...

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A Few Changes to the Site
Not that I think I've been overrun with site visitors but if you were looking at the blog on the afternoon of July 1, you might have noticed some goofy errors coming up.

I've been spending my vacation afternoon rescripting how my blog works, 'cause that's just what I do for fun in RL. If you weren't aware, or if you care, this blog is something I wrote from scratch using ASP/VBScript... it's not a commercially available package like WordPress or whatever. Writing stuff like this is what I do for a living.

I made some changes to make it easier to navigate, and it turned out great. However, while I was working on it (at the cottage over DIALUP! ) the site might have been kinda funky.

All is well now, and you may return to your regularly scheduled blog reading.

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Finally got my blog going!
OK, first post. Not much to see here, but there will be much more as I make the time to write about my observations and such on life in Second Life. Keep checking back!

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