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TeeDee finally got the wedding she deserves! | The most wonderful woman in SL and RL |
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Filed: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 at 12:35:09 AM
Filed Under: TeeDee, my SL/RL Love
TeeDee finally got the wedding she deserves!
Well, Tee and I finally made it official SLwise... we were officially married in SL in a beautiful ceremony on January 10, 2009, surrounded by our closest friends. Diva Jansma of "Ceremonies to Treasure" officiated the magical evening, Macy was Tee's maid of honor, Victoria was the most beautiful "best man" a groom could ever wish for (hey, she is my best friend... I thought it was appropriate!), and Tee finally got the real wedding she deserved... planned and coordinated perfectly by Macy and Victoria.

The way Tee originally became my partner was not very romantic... in March of 2008, I made an SL partnership proposal to her, then logged into her email account and accepted it for her while she was sleeping. Such is life when you are together in both RL and SL :-)

I love you, Tee, today, tomorrow, and always. Whether we are in SL or RL, I am proud to call you my wife.

Filed: Monday, June 30, 2008 at 6:52:43 PM
Filed Under: TeeDee, my SL/RL Love
The most wonderful woman in SL and RL
Click here for enlargement!As you all probably know by now, TeeDee and I are much more than SL partners. We are also RL husband and wife. Our story is a little different than most... we are neither a couple who met by traditional means, nor are we one of those SL love stories that carried over into RL. It's kind of an interesting story in that it parallels many an SL/RL relationship without being exactly the same.

Tee and I "met" online almost 10 years ago, in an Internet chat room. We lived 700 miles apart, and we both were ending marriages in which we were unhappily married to other people at the time, for slightly different reasons. So, the Internet was our "outlet" to go meet new people... while neither of us was necessarily "looking for someone", we both were open to the idea of an "Internet romance". The chat room we met in was very similar to an SL nightclub or meeting place, in that it was full of people who just hung out and talked to each other via public chat and occasionally through IM. While there were not "partnerships" in the official SL sense, there were people who had dedicated online relationship. The big difference between this and SL is that this was much earlier in the days of the Internet... the chat room was text only (no avatars, no graphics of any kind), and nobody had broadband at the time... this was all done over dialup. That did not stop us however... we danced, we bought each other drinks, we dragged silly toys out to play with, etc. It was all done with words typed into a chat box. You needed to have a very vivid imagination.

Anyway, we both ended up at the chat room in different ways, but we were introduced to each other by an online friend of Tee's... I had met her friend the night before, the first night I was in the chat room, and we hit it off in a friendly way. Tee was not online at the time, but her friend talked to her the next day and said "you have to meet this guy!". So, we were introduced the next night and hit it off... we found that we shared the same goofy sense of humor and we played off each other very well... we became the unofficial "entertainment" for the other friends in the chat room. And, because everyone else seemed to be "paired up", we ended up being "pushed together" and unofficially became a "couple" even though there was no romantic interest between us at the time.

Well, as two attractive people spend more and more time together, the sparks start to fly. We started talking more and more, exchanging ICQ numbers, telephone numbers, and email addresses, and our relationship blossomed first into a very deep friendship, then after a couple of months into a loving one. As we got to know each other better, we each found that the other was "what we were looking for" in a relationship. Eventually, we arranged a RL meeting (the fastest 6 hours of my life) and once we had returned to our lives we knew that we could no longer live without each other.

We then arranged another RL meeting and spent three glorious days together. It's amazing how much you can learn about someone when you spend three days in a hotel room in an unfamiliar city with them... we talked, we made love, we talked, we went out to eat, we talked, we went sightseeing... and when the trip was over, we started talking about how we could be together permanently.

So, after much discussion, Tee moved herself and her business 700 miles to be with me, and the rest is history. We bought a house together, I left my job to help her run the business, and as each day passed our love grew. We became so much a part of each other... for first and foremost, we were friends and continue to be so. We also started attending church together and re-invited Jesus into our lives, and it has brought us even closer together. Finally, after 6 years of living together, we were married on June 18, 2005 in a hot air balloon overlooking a beautiful park in western New York.

I discovered SL in October of 2007, and thought it would be an interesting thing to explore. However, I made the mistake of not inviting Tee to share it with me immediately, and I ended up meeting a lovely woman and starting an SL relationship with her. My guilt overcame me, and after a month or so of hiding it, I ended up confessing everything to Tee. Though she was incredibly angry and hurt, my beautiful princess instead gave me the leeway to continue to see this woman... her love for me and her desire to make me happy overpowered her wanting me to stop. This is when I truly knew that Tee was indeed an incredibly special woman... for I don't know that I would have handled it as well had the roles been reversed. Those of you who are married in RL and having an SL relationship... ask yourself how you would handle it.

Finally, I knew I had to break this other relationship off and devote myself to my princess. So, at the end of March I broke it off and did what I should have done in the first place, which was to invite Tee to share SL with me as my partner and wife. And it has been a wonderful experience! If I had known then what I do now, Tee would have been there with me the first night... for that is how it should be. Being able to enjoy all SL has to offer without the guilt and need to hide things is an incredibly uplifting experience.

I've made a mistake or two along the way, but as I have found honesty is the best policy, and Tee has forgiven me and continued to show me the patience I don't deserve as I try my hardest to be who she does deserve.

Tee, thank you so much for the best years of my life, and know that I will do everything in my power to become the husband, lover, and best friend you deserve. Even though I have hurt you from time to time, been untruthful with you, and betrayed your love and friendship, you always find in your heart the forgiveness and patience to let me try again. I know that I still have so far to go, TeeDee, but I promise never to take you for granted, and to try to always let my love for you drive everything I do.

I love you, TeeDee! In SL, in RL, and in the life to follow when we meet our Savior!

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