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Filed: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 at 5:16:30 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Merry Christmas from the home of the 80's in Second Life!
OK, I've outdone myself with being lax in updating the blog. No excuses. I'm just a slug.

It's that time of year again, the time where we gather together and celebrate so many blessings. Count them? I don't think it's possible.

I'm going to take the cheap way out and say this: as we celebrate our 4th Christmas at St. Ivan's Infirmary, I want to thank each and every person who's come through the door in the past 3+ years. Without you, our success wouldn't be possible, and we wouldn't even have a reason for doing this in the first place. Tee and I truly appreciate each of you, and we feel truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people and made so many dear friends. We love being with you, and we look forward to many more years of your friendship and love.

Filed: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 4:56:18 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Welcome back, Ivan!
LOL... I haven't really been gone, but somehow or another I seem to have completely forgotten about this blog. Sorry about that. I could make up a whole bunch of reasons/excuses about why I've not been posting, but it wouldn't change the fact that I haven't made it a priority. My bad.

I'll be posting more in the coming days (really!) and we'll try to get you all caught up. In the meantime, of course you know nothing's changed... St. Ivan's Infirmary is still and will always be the home of the 80's in Second Life, and every night the best people in SL come in to talk, dance, and just generally have a drama-free good time!

Tee and I will be in tonight (Tuesday) at 7PM SLT to do that thing we do... take your requests for the best 80's club dance music in SL, and generally preside over the silliness. I hope you'll be there.

Filed: Friday, July 15, 2011 at 8:47:01 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
A new DJ, and a few other changes...
... but one thing always remains the same: you know exactly where to find the home of the 80's in Second Life, right here at St. Ivan's Infirmary!

We've had a little shakeup in the DJ world: as Scott's new RL job has him cavorting around the country, he and Windy are cutting back on their Duo-DJ shows for the time being. You will still be able to catch their newly extended show on Saturday nights from 6PM to 9PM SLT, though.

And along with that, we'd like to introduce Vox Mullen, the newest addition to the St. Ivan's Infirmary DJ staff! Vox will be debuting tonight at 9PM SLT, right after Tee's and my show, and you will love him! With years of RL, SL, and Internet radio experience, he fits right into our little family.

I'll be posting an updated schedule shortly, but in the meantime I have a show to get ready for. Come on down tonight (Friday) and let Tee and I entertain you from 7PM to 9PM SLT, and then stick around for Vox from 9PM to whenever he decides he's had enough!

Filed: Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 8:37:51 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Something always has to happen to make my life interesting... Part of being an entrepreneur, I guess. It all started Monday night... I logged in to get alerted by Jessie that there's no music at the club. I should take a moment to explain how the music at the club works, if you're inclined to listen: we have several different "streams" that we switch between at the club, depending on what's happening. Scott and Windy have their own stream, Conny has hers, Nork has his, Allan has his, 808 has his, and I have three separate ones: the one I use for live DJing, the one I use for my "80's Unplugged" show, and the one we refer to as the "autopilot" which is what plays when we don't have an event going.

The "autopilot" runs from a server at our RL office... the server is our "retired" old Web server from years ago. It's a rather archaic machine dating from about 2000, but it's always worked well to stream the autopilot. Well, until last night anyway. To make a long story short, it's toast. I tried CPR on it for about 5 minutes and gave up... at minimum, it couldn't find one of the hard drives, and I suspect there was more to it then that.

Fortunately, we have another server that hasn't been doing anything constructive for the last few years... another "retired" one, but much newer, built in 2007. So I dusted it off and spent a few hours bringing it back to life today... and the autopilot is alive, well, and better than ever!

Maybe I take it too seriously, but I refuse to have Internet radio playing at our club. We get so many compliments on our music selection, and we always hear about the other clubs who just stream one of the readily available Internet radio stations, complete with commercials. Our music, 24/7, is from our private libraries... and we take pride in being different.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled 80's party. Tee and I will be in tonight at 7PM SLT to take care of you... because you can't go a night without your 80's fix!

Filed: Friday, June 24, 2011 at 2:23:25 PM
Filed Under: Ivan's Random Thoughts
Real People and Us
I'm going to take a little different tone with today's post, because I've been thinking about this for the last few days and I'd like to get it out for everyone to see. I generally try very hard not to talk about myself any more than I have to, since I've made it clear that the reason for the success of the Infirmary is not myself and Tee... it's the great people that come in every night and make it so much fun. But in this case I think it's important, germane, and if nothing else might make for an interesting read.

I've made a new friend over the past couple weeks, someone who found us in whatever way people find us, and I had a nice long talk with her a few nights ago. We were talking about why people are so loyal to the Infirmary and come back night after night... and I gave my usual reasoning, deferring the credit to the people who come in to spend their time with us. She pondered that a bit and then said something to the effect of "but you have something to do with that. You're obviously a people person, and you get along so well with everyone, and people build on that".

I've been thinking about that ever since, and I realized that, probably more than anything, is what defines me. While I'm not going to lie and say that I have never had differences with anyone in SL, the reality is that I pretty much by default get along with everyone I meet. I can't think of anyone I've become acquainted with in the 3 and a half years I've been in SL that I have any serious differences with. I've never been a grudge holder or even intensely disliked anyone, because honestly it benefits no one. What does it accomplish? Nothing.

My nature is to immediately trust people, assume that they are inherently good, and to try very hard to draw that out of them into the open. We've had several people join us through the years who quite honestly were a little off-putting when we first met them, probably due to the "fantasy" nature of SL and the ability to be an "actor" to become someone they aren't in RL. With time, getting to know them, their true nature can't help but be exposed... and 99% of the time, it's a good thing. They aren't even recognizable as the aloof, private people they were when we first met them. And I guess we can take a little credit for that.

My dear friend MACY put it very eloquently (sorry MACY for stealing this from your Facebook page): "The best way to find out if you can believe somebody is to believe in them." I couldn't say it any better.

So, yes. For the most part, I get along with everyone. Because, honestly, it would be silly not to.

That brings me back to what I've said for a while... the reason people enjoy spending time with us at the Infirmary is that the people here, for the most part, are the same in SL as they are in RL. We may not look anything like our RL counterparts (for the record, in RL I am 5'9" and most definitely not one bit bald), but our basic personalities are no different regardless of which world we are in. We know where everyone lives, we talk about RL, past and present, and our conversations are honestly not that different than they would be if we were meeting in RL. We're all real people. And people relate to that.

Filed: Thursday, June 09, 2011 at 5:11:26 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Ivan Sings! The 80's Unplugged returns on June 10!
I guess it's been a while... I've been asked to perform my live acoustic show "The 80's Unplugged" again at the Infirmary. So, this coming Friday, June 10, at 7PM SLT, plan on being at the Infirmary to hear me perform your favorite 80's songs!

"The 80's Unplugged" is just what it sounds like... a celebration of the best decade of music ever. It's just me, a microphone, and my acoustic guitar... no backing MIDI tracks or prerecorded backing music (there are enough "karaoke" performers already on SL). But, it's definitely NOT a typical acoustic show... I go out of my way to play my translated versions of all of your favorite songs from the 1980s, including songs you would probably not expect to hear in an acoustic format. I'm not a campfire or folk singer... this show ROCKS! During the show, you will hear me sing and play songs from such diverse artists as Modern English, Duran Duran, Elvis Costello, Split Enz, Erasure, the Cure, XTC, Simple Minds, R.E.M., Crowded House, Romantics, Tears For Fears, INXS, Rick Springfield, Squeeze... and the list goes on and on. Every time I perform, I try to add at least 4 or 5 songs that you have not heard me perform before. There's never a dull moment... make plans to be here!

Filed: Thursday, June 09, 2011 at 5:07:43 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Over 100,000 great people like you...
Yes, that's right. Our visitor counter finally ticked over to 100,000 a couple of weeks ago! It just boggles my mind to think that we've reached this plateau... we started this little club a little over 2 1/2 years ago, and I never thought it would become the success it has. And it's all due to great people like you... anyone can build (or buy) a building in SL and buy some fancy lights and throw in some decor. What makes us special? It's the welcoming atmosphere... and that's not something I can build it's all because you great people come in every night, dance the night away, and chat up a storm with everyone who comes through the door!

Anyway, we're already looking ahead to visitor number 200,000. We aren't going anywhere, and we certainly hope you aren't either. Come in tonight (Thursday) and join Tee, the Medics, and myself... as usual, I'll be taking your requests and keeping you moving to the best 80's club dance music in all of SL! Hope to see you!

Filed: Monday, May 09, 2011 at 12:54:20 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Almost to 100,000!
Wow, can you believe it? As of this morning, the counter stands at 99,694 people through the door... 99,694 wonderful people like you who stumbled across our little nightclub over the past 2 1/2 years and helped make us the longest running pure 80's club in Second Life.

At our usual rate, I project that the 100,000th visitor will step through the door sometime on Friday. We'll have to do something special. I'm still wondering what will happen with our 5 digit counter... will it reset to all zeros like an old car odometer? I suppose I could just plaster a "1" in front of it...

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say thank you once again to every single person who's been part of our success. We'll keep the 80's alive for you through the next 100,000 visitors (and beyond) because... well, because that's what we do.

Tee and I will be in tonight (Monday) at 7PM SLT to take your requests and keep the party going... Windy and Scott will be in ahead of us starting at 5PM SLT with their "Duo-DJ Show". Yes, 4 solid hours of your favorite 80's club dance music played per your request, while you dance the night away with the best people in SL! There, now you know what you're doing tonight. See you then!

Filed: Friday, April 22, 2011 at 8:39:18 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Start the weekend with Ivanbabble!
Hey everyone... just getting ready to start my show tonight. It's so good to be back... I ended up (as you probably already know) not making it in Monday and Tuesday as scheduled. Sinus surgery isn't as much fun as they make it out to be Anyway, I did make it in for last night's show, and it was a blast... it was so good to see everyone, and just settle back into my routine and enjoy the company of the best people in all of Second Life.

By the way, this kind of snuck up on us... do you realize that, assuming we continue at our current rate, that we will welcome our 100,000th visitor sometime within the next week or two? Wow! Two and a half years ago, I wouldn't have even been able to fathom the idea... I remember how excited we were when we reached 10,000 visitors. Now, it's almost 10 times that number. I'll be interested to see what the counter over the door does as it's only 5 characters... will it be like an old car odometer where it just starts over again at zero? Well, we'll find out soon enough.

Anyway, it's almost showtime, so I need to get ready. Come on in tonight if you're looking to party at the longest running pure 80's club in SL... I'll be spinning the tunes from 7PM to 9PM SLT, and of course Princess Tee and the lovely Medics will be on hand to keep things beautiful! We look forward to seeing you here!

Filed: Thursday, April 14, 2011 at 7:20:02 PM
Filed Under: St. Ivan's Infirmary
Hi everyone!
Here I am, in my recliner, recovering from the dreaded sinus surgery. I've been getting a lot of well wishes and questions about how I'm doing, so... your update

The surgery went fine... 24 hours later, after a LOT of sleep (thanks Mr. Vicodin) I'm doing ok. No pain to speak of, no bleeding, and other than the restrictions (no bending over, no blowing my nose, etc) I'm feeling pretty good, though quite tired. Planning on resting up through the weekend, and then we'll see how next week goes.

At this point, the schedule for the next 10 days or so is looking like this (thanks to Windy, Scott, and Dakota for filling in for me the next couple of days):

Thursday 4/14
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Windy and Scott

Friday 4/15
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Dakota

Saturday 4/16
6PM-8PM SLT DJ Windy and Scott

Sunday 4/17
4PM-7PM SLT DJ Conny and Troy
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Norkight and Star

Monday 4/18
5PM-7PM SLT DJ Windy and Scott
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Ivan and TeeDee

Tuesday 4/19
6PM-7PM SLT DJ Allan and Salena
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Ivan and TeeDee

Wednesday 4/20
5PM-7PM SLT DJ Windy and Scott
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Dakota

Thursday 4/21
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Ivan and TeeDee

Friday 4/22
7PM-9PM SLT DJ Ivan and TeeDee

Saturday 4/23
6PM-8PM SLT DJ Windy and Scott

Plus, DJ 808 has been making random appearances as well as RL allows... watch your group notices!

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